How often do you visit the AO forums?

Just curious about AO denizens and the frequency of our forum use. I like coming over to read a lot of posts people have written but tend to be more of a lurker even though I visit several times a day. If so, would you mind answering the poll and two questions that follow?

  • Multiple times a day
  • Once a day
  • Several times over a week
  • A few times a month
  • Periodically, whenever I remember

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What makes you visit the forums?
Reading about what other people experience and practise from all over the world fascinates me.

Any ideas for the forums to become more active?
I do like to read and probably should post more often. Also, create interesting topics. Post more replies so that OPs have something new to respond to. Create an invite-a-famous-person-who-travels-frequently regular series (monthly or quarterly) and can give tips, for a 1-hour Q&A thread and publicise this way in advance so more forum members join. My wish list includes Sir David Attenborough. (fangirling)


I think what I like about the forum is the possibility of talking to people about travel / literature / art and all the stranger things which most people find too bizarre , eccentric or “out there” to talk about. Its a really lovely and community and I hope it keeps growing. I’m kind of always on the look out for a new place to see or read about for future trips as at least a couple of times a day I daydream about future travel itineries and so AO feeds that habit of mine I guess.

I like to practice my writing on here too and its become a sort of hobby of mine to beat insomnia etc. so I come on here a lot to try and hone my ability to write which ultimately helps me in terms of the outreach side of conservation work.

Also I just like helping people out if they need advice and recommending places I like to think that it brings visitors to these places and is enriching for them in some way. A lot of these places are amazing but off the beaten trail and really do need visitors and publicity.

I really like the idea of famous-person-who-travels-frequently Q & A thing , it reminds me of Reddit threads which sometimes have those kinds of chats. I think it could potentially also work with interacting people who are not famous per se but have interesting jobs or lives like those who feature on the AO youtube videos.


So true! The forms are a great way to connect with others who may have travelled where I’m about to and get a few tips.