"How ‘Taco Friday’ Became a Swedish Tradition" Discussion Thread

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In Mexico we always use some ingredients that you mention as unusual, cucumbers are very common, my wife loves tacos, pineapple is a basic ingredient of tacos al pastor and peanuts are the base of a very tasty sauce.
Salsa de Cacahuate receta tradicional. Como hacer esta Salsa this is the link for a nice peanut salsa. I like to share some photos but don’t know how-

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Hmmm. Since 1975 I’ve been the lone American in a Swedish family. I’ve been there about a hundred times (I live in California.) Mexican restaurants are exceedingly rare in Skåne. Mexican food is rare there. They’re barely eating baked potatoes and Subway sandwiches! I watch television there and have seen nothing about fredagsmys or the massive aisle of Mexican products in stores in Landskrona, Helsingborg, or Malmö that the article says. They like Mexican food. Taco Bell is always the first stop after leaving LAX.
Lördagsgodis is a thing though. A big thing. And at a smörgåsbord, food is definitely NOT piled on the plates.