How to edit "In a nutshell" header

AO - I see contributors are no longer allowed to have an input on the “In a nutshell” header. I do not understanding the reason for this and I wish the decision were reversed. In the meantime, if there is an inaccuracy in the header, how can contributors suggest an edit?


This has been the subject of much discussion in the Discord group. Turns out the staff isn’t done making changes to the submission process and should be posting about it here. One result for now, however, is that you can put the “nutshell” summary in the 500-char box and then put the rest of the writeup in the “optional” Step 4 box, including sources. Cumbersome, but it works. Come over to the Discord discussion for a fuller story. If the invite’s expired, ask coolcrab (in the forum discussion here) to reinstate it.


I typicaly put a message in square brackets at the top of the article for them to read. Might work for this too. I agree that it’s stupid though.

You could also email the places team, but they are very slow


I did what CoolCrab suggested in a previous reply and it worked.

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