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There are many webcams that show birds’ nests, wildlife trails, etc. This is in addition to webcams based at zoos and aquariums.
I used to be an avid watcher on “Pete’s Pond” in South Africa. Lots of wildlife. Sadly, they lost their access to the pond and had to remove their webcam earlier this year. I have not found as good of a site as this for African wildlife since then. It would be great if someone could recommend one.


I know it isn’t wildlife but it’s definitely entertaining, try searching Kitten Academy on youtube

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The Wolf Conservation Center in Salem, NY has a lot of webcams. A must for any wolf-lover! Webcams | Wolf Conservation Center

It’s Bald Eagle season in the USA and egg laying and hatching are both underway. There are over 30 cams live streamed on the internet. Top favs: Southwest Florida Eagle Cam, Harrison Bay Eagle Cam, NEFL Eagle Cam. All the cams have something unique to offer, though. See a list of all cams here: 2021 Bald Eagle Cams

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