"How Vikings Hunted Themselves Off of Greenland" Discussion Thread

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 Someone without socialist tendencies might realize that actual Capitalism would have caused the Vikings to properly farm their stock in a way that would protect their livelihood for the future and increase the number of walruses.  Capitalism isn't the problem of this planet; it has provided us almost everything in this world worth living for while constantly expanding the resource pool.  It's socialism that breeds scarcity through class warfare and jealousy of others' successes leading to a predictably rapid loss of resources.  Economists understand this as the "Tragedy of the Commons".  Socialism leads people to unsustainably try to usurp as many resources as possible before they are all depleted, like in the USSR, Venezuela, Argentina, and dozens of other countries destroyed by socialism when they "Eva Peron" or "Hugo Chavez" it all away.  No country's economy has ever been hurt by Capitalism.  Capitalism is when the logging industry plants 40 trees for every one they cut down.  
 The Vikings were the truest socialists in the world.  They raped and pillaged their way through many of the resources of the planet without ever producing much in the way of their own products.  
 Let's be honest about where the problem lies so people don't continue to keep making the same mistakes over and over.  It's ridiculous that our society doesn't have the brainpower to reject Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Occasional Cortex.