Hudson-Meng Bison Kill

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How old are the bones? What are “Alberta culture bison”? Thanks for clarifying.

Hi Steve, the fossilized bones are believed to be approx. 10,000 years old. As to “Alberta culture bison,” we believe that was a typo. I’ve just revised the entry a bit to clean that up. Thanks for your note about this one!

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Alberta Culture referred to a study of Alberta’s culture, the Canadian Archeological Survey was part of that study focusing on prehistoric cultures. The Scottsbluff projectile point found with the bones would indicate some of the bones are between 8,000-7,000 BCE but there are much older kill sites in Alberta such as the Wally’s Beach site where camel bones and projectile points date to 300 years before Clovis points appear in the archaeological record. It created quite a sensation a few years ago and it seems there’s much more where that came from.


Wow , this is fascinating !

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