I-80 Wildlife Overpass

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YES! Driving down Parleys Canyon always freaked me out. It gets steep around curves at fairly high speeds, and my nervous, cautious driving brain can’t take it. I can’t imagine how much it must have terrified wildlife.

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driving at night always stress filled driving through that area. last trip through even with full attention a herd of deer crossed in front of me. going 75mph not much i could do safely not to hit them all but still one went into my windshield. thankfully all turned out okay for us but just an example of what can and does happen.

several years ago colorado built a few same type animal crossings that have been very successful at reducing vehicle, animal accidents. such a small investment pays large dividends right off the bat so to speak. we need more of these in this part of the country especially as human population increases, road traffic rises significantly with each passing year and all those drivers playing russian roulette with wildlife having fewer options to get to ‘the other side.’


This brought me relief when I saw it; echoing others, this was always a stressful drive.

Please realize this is NOT a place to pull over for a better look. For one, the curves mean you may not get back up to highway speed before approaching traffic realizes you are there.