I spent a bunch of free time making my own calendar: January and February

I bought an Atlas Obscura calendar the last two years and then I thought I’d make my own. I did a lot of research on atlas obscura, trip advisor, the atlas obscura book, the youtube channels top fives and be amazed, plus some personal experience.

Some differences between my calendar and the AO Calendar:

  1. I had a higher standard for how common a site could be (i.e. Leaning Tower of Pisa and Notre Dame Cathedral) make my list
    2 I tried to tie mine to the calendar and various holidays
    3 I try to not group regions together and keep you jumping around from day to day
    4 Still, I prefer avoiding sending tourists deep into southern hemisphere during the summer months or into the Arctic during winter months and
    5 I also accounted for when certain things like ski resorts or hot springs might be open.

I found it to be a fun way to pursue my hobby of gobbling up travel writing and maybe I can make and sell my own calendar some day

I’m wondering if I should post it at once or just have a couple months at a time, so it’s not a huge information dump.

1 Prime Meridian, Greenwich, London, England (New Year’s Day)

2 Fishing Village at Cua Via, Vietnam

3 Shipwreck Lodge, Skeleton Bay, Namibia

4 Fordlandia Former Rubber Colony, Para, Brazil

5 Tempeliakkuon Underground Church, Helsinki, Finland

6 Cluny Museum of the Middle Ages (Inside a restored castle), Paris, France

7 Tianjin Binhana Library, Tianjin, China

8 The Big Fiddle, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

9 Old Route 66, Gallup, New Mexico

10 Plaza of the Three Americas, Mexico City, Mexico

11 Underground Art, Moscow, Russia

12 St Bart’s Airport and Beach, St. Barts, French Colony

13 Red Fort, Delhi, India

14 Restaurant KGB, Cartagena, Colombia

15 Park City, Utah (Sundance Film Festival)

16 Estadio Hernando Siles (World’s Highest Soccer Stadium), La Paz, Bolivia

17 Q’eswachaka Rope Bridge, Apurimac Canyon, Peru

18 Civil Rights Museum, Memphis, TN, USA (Martin Luther King Jr Day)

19 Sun Valley Ski Resort (Home of America’s First Ski Lift and First Planned Ski Town) , Idaho

20 Predjama Castle, Slovenia

21 Kon Tikki, Oslo, Norway

22 Serkici Railroad Terminal and Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

23 Red Fort, Chandi Chowk neighborhood, Delhi, India

24 KGB Cartagena Bar, Old City, Cartagena, Colombia

25 Lake Hiller, Western Australian Territory, Canada

26 Weekie-Wache Mermaid Show, Florida, USA

27 Winter Carnival, St Paul, Minnesota

28 10 Baker Street (Sherlock Holmes Holme), London, England

29 Eye of the Sahara, Mauritania

30 Grand Hotel, Mbera, Mozambique

31 Havanna, Cuba


1 Underground Railarod Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio (Black History Month)

2 Punxatani, Pennsylvania (Groundhog Day)

3 Columbia River George Nat’l Scenic Area, Oregon

4 Waving Girl Statue, Savannah, Georgia

5 The Brando Hotel Complex, Tahiti, Micronesia

6 Dutch Maritime Museum, Amsterdam

7 Amafi Coast Highway, Italy

8 1984 Abandoned Olympic Bobsled Track, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
(Anniversary of opening of 1984 Olympics)

9 Elliora Caves, Maharashtra State, India

10 Musical Instruments Museum, Glendale, Arizona

11 Djeema el-Fna Market Square, Marrakech, Morocco

12 Dragon Escalator, Yanking District, Beijing, China (Chinese/Lunar New Year)

13 Kaiindy Lake (Death Lake), Kazakhstan

14 Verona, Italy (Valentine’s Day)

15 Robot Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan

16 French Quarter, New Orleans, LA, USA (Mardi Gras)

17 Royal Portugues Cabinet of Reading, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

18 Watimo Worm Caves, New Zealand

19 Mingingo Island, Kenya

20 New Mexico Tech Golf Course, Siccoro, New Mexico

21 Old Gadsby Tavern, Alexandria, Virginia (President’s Day)

22 Karnack Temple Complex, Luxor, Egypt

23 Bagh e Fin, Kashan, Iran (Persian New Year)

24 Domain de la Florida (Florida Town), Saint-Ambrose, Quebec, Canada

25 Sugarloaf Mountain, Brazil (Brazilian Carnival)

26 Totem Poles, Anthropology Museum, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

27 West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

28 Archibald Fountain, Sydney, Australia

*Note these are dates on the 2021 calendar. I started working this a year ago