Ichabod Crane Schoolhouse

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Atlas Obscura, while your article on the Ichabod Crane Schoolhouse in Kinderhook, NY, is very nice and quite timely this week, I do beg to differ with you on one point in it.
You state "The schoolhouse remained functional until the 1940s before falling into obscurity and disrepair for some time until 1974."  This is not the case.  
In the early 1950's people who lived near the schoolhouse got together, cleaned and repaired the building and created a small community center.  It was used for a number years for meetings and parties; one group which used it regularly was a local 4-H club.  This use tapered off probably in the early 1960's and it was abandoned once again until the historical group moved it as noted in your article.  
The attached photo includes my parents F. Edward and Marian Peduzzi, flanked on the left by Mary Margaret McBride and right by Eleanor Roosevelt.  This was taken in front of the schoolhouse in its original location.  Ms. McBride was a radio broadcaster, she and the former First Lady honored people who helped and improved their community with on-air interviews.
My folks were leaders of the group.  I believe the woman on the left in the back row is my Aunt, Rose Peduzzi Napoli.  Both she and my father attended the one-room schoolhouse.
You also did not mention that the schoolhouse now is next to the Luykas Van Alen house, another "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" connected building as it is thought that Washington Irving based Katrina Van Tassel on one of the Van Alen daughters.  Both buildings are open for tours through the Columbia County Historical Society.

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  1. The c. 1850 Ichabod Crane Schoolhouse is located in Columbia County, Upstate New York. It is NOT in New York City.

  2. The Ichabod Crane Schoolhouse is owned and operated by the Columbia County Historical Society. The red historical marker was earned from the New York Folklore Society and the Wm Pomeroy Foundation.