"In France, a Bloody WWI Battlefield Has Become a Wildlife Refuge" Discussion Thread

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“Anywhere from 200 to 300 million shells remain, according to an estimate from Daniel Hubé, a researcher at the French geological survey.”
So for the 300 odd days of the battle, a million shells where fired every day that did not explode. Surely no one is that credulous to believe that. A quick google reveals there were about 2000 field guns at Verdun. Did each one fire 150,000 faulty rounds as no one noticed? A bit less credulity when someone uses big numbers please

The way I read this was much different. The area had been altered by human use already before the war and was therefore an unnatural and wasted natural environment which had already eradicated most of it’s original species except humans. the war wiped it clean and recreated a secondary wild place, the type of place which was intended naturally before being altered by humans. I’d like to see as many original species as possible reintroduced if possible.

I think it criminal that there has not been more of an effort to clean up active ordinance just to get rid f the toxic chemicals which have lasted loner than I would have guessed the seals to be effective.

Agreed. Fascinating to me, either way.

Fascinating, and yet another thing to add to my list. Thanks for sharing.