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Hi snail protectors. I’m almost 76. I started collecting live snails when I was very young. For their shells. I married a full blood Tlingit from Alaska in 1963. Lived Native. We divorced in 1980 and I moved back to holland Michigan. In 1987 I got it deeply what we’d done to get the Land. This awareness helped me to see my shell collecting as wrong. I quit cold turkey. With polymer clay I make Gastropoda that look real. I call them guiltless shells. I will be opening a new website next month. www.essenceofthespiral.com. The goal of my site is to help people appreciate our beautiful planet through the eyes of a snail lover. My totem animal is the snail. I’d love to gift shells to you. To give you hope. Impossible things can happen.
Thanks for what you’re doing
Annie Olson.
I do better with texting. 616-422-3729