India for the first time. Have got co many questions

Last time I had a flight all the passengers were checked properly in Israel, but in Russia - on the contrary, most of the people even didn’t wear a mask.

We are already planning the trip to India (this is important business trip in august). I guess this corona-check will last minimun 1 year…

Even though situation might change we need to know it in advance. Is there anything we should be afraid of?

In current situation the cases in India are growing and my friend from India told me that the complete country is under lockdown. And they will free from the virus by the month of September or October. Let assume the transposition will open in August but then the risk factor will be there. If medicine will invent then we can see the better situation.

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Thank you for the anwer! We postponed this trip already. Taking care of youreself at home is way better to travel at this time (even though it’s impossible).

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Yeah, you made a good decision by postponed your trip. Health should be our first priority. Hope it will not affect your business.