Interesting places to visit in or near San José del Cabo?



I’m headed to San José del Cabo by myself at the beginning of February and need some hot tips on hidden wonders in the region. Atlas Obscura is admittedly lacking places (and foods!) in Baja California, so I could use any and all suggestions the AO community has got!


Totally agree about the lack of places in Baha and have been considering uploading some places there I have visited that were awesome but I was there so long ago (2008) that my memory is a bit hazy.

Its a brilliant region of Mexico to see wildlife (Californian condor , sealions and whales/ dolphins), beautiful landscape and sparsely populated (which has its advantages) that I can say for sure. But there are also a hell of a lot of Pre-hispanic cave paintings which are fascinating and that I unfortunately didnt get to see when I was there.

My reccomendation is to head to Reserva de la Bioesfera El Vizcaino or Sierra de San Pedro Martir ( only problem is that it is way up in the North of the penninsula) for wildlife and landscapes. If you get the chance , definitely check out some of those cave paintings too.


Had the best whale watching ever off Cabo San Lucas. Went out with a company called Scuba Caribe, but I’m sure there are other outfits doing the same kind of tours. Saw many, many whales and their young ones (and a few dolphins) cavorting, seals, fantastic.


Sounds like I need to get certified!


Ah! This is wonderful @Monsieur_Mictlan. Will definitely take a look. I’m not opposed to a solo drive up the peninsula.


No problem , glad to help. Definitely reccomend driving for Baja and especially San Pedro Martir if you are keen on seeing the condors.


Glad you had a good time David , totally agree, the wildlife is spectacular in Baja.