Ireland Trip in Sept

So I just booked a trip to Ireland that is going to Dublin, Galway and Limerick by rail so I am not planning on having a car or maybe I can rent one just for a day trip here and there. It is 9 days all together. Any must see places or random “different” things to do? I still have time to do some research myself as well but just wanted to see if anyone here had any suggestions. Thanks so much!

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you are so lucky!

I’ve been there twice and loved it.

Howth and Swords are great for day trips. I personally have added two places in Dublin (Beckett Bridge and Ashtowne Castle) but there’s a lot to see in Phoenix Park, and I like hte Jenna Johsnon (I believe it’s called), I also love this bar along the River Liffey that has these charming caricatured paintings of famous Irish people including Pierce Brosnan and Barack Obama and I think Sally Field, it’s hilarious


I will look into all of that! Thank you so much for the suggestions. I just booked the trip a couple days ago and am beyond excited to to

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We did 10 days last summer, the hottest summer in well over 100 years. :roll_eyes: We did have a car, though, and because we told Waze to avoid tolls, we saw a lot of the countryside. I loved it! My partner was a little annoyed by the narrow roads, the stone walls that are older than America, and random sheep, but since he doesn’t know how to drive manual, he was relegated to the role of navigator. (Remember, if you get a car: other side of the road, backwards car, and good luck getting an automatic!)

We both loved the Dingle Peninsula. We stayed in Dingle. The Wild Atlantic Way ring road around the peninsula was fabulous, and the only time we encountered cold, rainy, windy weather.

Up in Galway, we headed out to the ferry, and went over to the Aran Islands. Just amazing!! Of course, somewhere between Dingle and Galway, we went to the Cliffs of Moher. Wow. Wow.

Yes, it’s all typical tourist stuff, but we were really glad we did it by car instead of by rail, which we usually do in Europe.


Here’s a link to the Jeanie Johnston Famine Ship -


If you get to the midlands, be sure to visit the National Famine Museum in Strokestown/Roscommon:


That would make a good entry if anyone wants to take the lead.
Anyone know about that bar? It’sjust north of Temple Square on River Liffey

The Aran Islands would be a great short trip for while you’re based in Galway! They’re wonderfully peaceful and beautiful.

If you’re looking for a longer road trip-type adventure while you’re based in Limerick and don’t mind a full day of driving, County Kerry/The Ring of Kerry are worth checking out (and I’m not just saying that because it’s what I’m named after!). I spent some time in Kerry last summer on a family vacation and the scenery is fantastic. The Gap of Dunloe, which is about a two-hour drive from Limerick, is particularly spectacular.


We have the Cliffs of Moher on our list! Seems incredible. I briefly looked at Aran Islands but with two of you mentioning it I will add that to the itinerary for sure. Thank you for your detailed response. I will for sure take all of that into account!

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The Aran Islands looks amazing and so does the Gap of Dunloe. I am not opposed to a two hour drive at all. Thank you!

Those both look great. I’m compiling quite the list here thank you!

my husband’s from dublin and i have been a handful of times. i recommend Trinity Library - check out the book of Kels. St. Stephens Green. Dublin Zoo in Phoenix Park. Sweet Republic for insane milkshakes. Kilmainham goal. Guiness Storehouse. I really liked the bus tour around the city - you can get off and on for hours and see as much or as little as you like. have fun!


It might be out of the way based on your current plans, but if time permits I would STRONGLY recommend The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. It was on my bucket-list for years and for one reason or another I kept skipping it despite having been to Ireland several times. It’s a very surreal place of natural beauty.

The drive up there is beautiful if you go along the coast. You can also check out The Dark Hedges as well as The Titanic Museum in Belfast.

All that being said, there’s no telling what’s going to happen with entry/exit to Northern Ireland once Brexit shakes out. And depending on the dates of your trip could be something to keep a close eye on!


There are some beautiful ruins in the town of Athenry, about half an hour east of Galway by car. You’ll find the Athenry Priory with a mossy old cemetery, plus a tower house open to visitors. It’s a great detour if you’re driving down to the Cliffs of Moher, but just be careful on the windy rural roads. If you like the old medieval architecture, the Rock of Cashel is about an hour from Limerick.

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Oh my goodness you had me at mossy old cemetery! Say no more!!!


I will say I did see The Dark Hedges while looking at something else and I’m dying to see them! That’s a good point about Brexit and something to think about. I’m not sure if we will have time or not to travel to Northern Ireland anyway but I will for sure save these suggestions. Might have to be my next trip.

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The hop on hop off bus sounds like a great idea and mashed it easy to get around the city. I’m always up for a milkshake too haha! Thank you!

Don’t miss Newgrange! Boyne Valley is just north of Dublin. :cyclone::yin_yang:

Glendalough is beautiful … just south of Dublin. :evergreen_tree::leaves::droplet:



I seriously have never heard of Newgrange and feel like that is just wrong! It is so old and fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing that as well as Glendalough. Everyone is giving me such wonderful places to see! I love it

I just found this list and thought that I would share it - these suggestions are fantastic!