Is Anyone Here interested in Creating a Vegan Obscura Travel Group?


I am new here and appreciate any tips to get started. I am interested in travel with a Vegan companion (s), and would like for there to be a vegan group discussion on the forum, please.

Thank you!



I’m interested.

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This is a such great idea! I was in Budapest last year and happened past this year and there were vegan restaurants EVERYWHERE. One that especially caught my eye was a vegan street food stall inside of the Karavan market right near the famous ruin bars.



I’m glad you asked this question! I’m vegan and though I’m not planning a trip anytime soon, I’d love to chat about vegan travel more generally.

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I would definitely be interested!

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Thank you for all the responses! I, too, am not currently in the financial position to travel but invite others to arrange adventures together. As far as discussion goes…maybe we can start it here? Is where you live a good travel destination for others? What does it have to offer?

Feel free to start your own threads, as well!

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Yes. I’m heading to Berlin shortly and would appreciate suggestions for where I might be able to buy vegan winter boots, as well as great places for vegan food. I will post any worthwhile discoveries, but most likely I will rely on Happy Cow for food.



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Would love to see this. I tend to be the one organizing travel for my friends and there’s always a vegan and a gluten free person. Would be super helpful to help identify places outside of Happy Cow - their UI isn’t the greatest.

Not sure if this can be done here, but also maybe any notes in foreign languages that explain what vegans do not eat? We had ones in Japan for a vegan and a celiac and they were super helpful. Knowing they actually worked based on IC users experiences would be great.



Thank you for the Amazon suggestion, however I meant vegan friendly shoe/ boot stores in Berlin.



My entire family is vegan and we travel often. We’ll be in Italy late November for 2 weeks so I’ll have plenty to share then.

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Definitely interested.

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Oh I’d love to know how that goes! My boyfriend and I would like to go to Italy sometime this year, if possible, but I’ve been worried about my options + how to communicate my restrictions.

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There’s definitely no shortage of veg food in Italy. I was there in 2004 and had absolutely no problem then! For this trip, I’ve followed some vegan Italian Instagram and Facebook accounts to find out about restaurants and festivals in the areas we’ll be. There are quite a few dedicated vegan restaurants, but I’m mostly looking forward to the gelato :grinning:



I wonder what it takes to add animal sanctuaries to the main travel thread.

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Hey @fabertr! I’m not sure I completely understand the question, but I’m happy to help if you wouldn’t mind elaborating.



I have only visited one animal sanctuary, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Pennsylvania. It’s a beautiful site and a great learning opportunity.

Years ago birds of prey were hunted so heavily that their numbers were dangerously low, threatening their very survival as well as affecting the ecosystem to which they serve a vital purpose. Now, the sanctuary provides a safe place for hawks, owls, eagles, and other predatory birds to live. It also allows us to study these important creatures, track their numbers and migration, and create public awareness of their importance and what is harming or threatening them.

If you are ever in eastern PA, I highly recommend taking a hike through the sanctuary and taking in the local scenery - hopefully you’ll spot some birds while you’re there!

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I’ve heard that Philadelphia is an amazing place for vegan restaurants. I’ve been told there are several restaurants offering impressive vegan Philly cheesesteaks, among many other types of cuisine…

But I haven’t had the chance to see for myself, yet!

Does anyone have experiences from Philadelphia to share? Any other cities or destinations?

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We might want to discuss companion animal friendly destinations, too.