Is it safe to travel to chernobyl?


hi i was planning to go to a trip in ukraine for 4 days or so. im interested in going to chernobyl as part of the trip, and i also saw some tour packaages/day trip to chernobyl. is it safe to go there? as per the radioactive remnants are concerned. thank you =)


Yes, as long as you follow the guides instructions and don’t go wandering off on your own into restricted areas. I was there in 2016 and haven’t grown any extra limbs yet. I used SoloEast Travel and had a great experience.


Reiterating what mnml said, travel to Chernobyl is very much safe. We’ve run a number of trips there led by an experienced set of guides. The outer area, the 30km Zone, acts as more of a buffer space between the contaminated land and the rest of Ukraine. This area is more or less fine—people live there full-time, they grow crops, raise livestock, and so on. Radiation levels in the 30km Zone are lower than the standard background radiation in a typical developed city. The largest dose of radiation our travelers usually get is from their trans-Atlantic flights.

Most important, as always, is following the site’s regulations. Chernobyl’s security team are really thorough, and last year alone they safely catered to 60,000 visitors.