It seems like not everyone likes checking off places they've been, huh?


I just noticed some people who’ve created a lot of places have been to fewer places than they’ve created. That seems impossible.

I think it’s impossible that at 180 I’ve been to more than most other users who’s profiles I check off. The metropolitan area where I’ve grown up and lived on and off for my whole life has like 135 alone and I’ve only been to like 20 of them. It should be relatively easy if you’re moderately well-traveled (and I’ve only been to two or three countries in Europe and one in Asia, along with two in Latin America and that’s it) to pick up a lot of place marks. Maybe I’m overly into that part of this site than others? To be honest, I did have to scour my memory banks quite a bit.


I try to be really fair with my visits. When I travel I usually try to research places on AO and other places and visit all relevant places. Then I add/check off whatever I’ve been to but I very rarely can visit everything that I had planned. Sometimes this results in me adding places that I researched and planned to visit but just didn’t get to, but since I have the info I add them any way.


I’m glad you’re into marking “Been There”! We always want to encourage people to mark where they’ve been, but as you say, some people are more into that aspect of the site than others, so the Places Added/Been There ratio can often be pretty different. We’re just happy that people are getting out and experiencing the world!