Italy vacation


Planning a trip to Italy first two weeks of May.Venice,Florence and Rome on my list looking for other historical sites?


Oh whoa, Italy is history. You can’t move without history grabbing you by the collar and seeing “Eccomi!

Venice, Florence and Rome are obviously fantastic places for historical sightseeing. They each deserve time and attention but if you’re looking for other places to visit on the way, I’d say consider passing through Bologna and perhaps even Verona. The historical centres of both are well-preserved and they both have unique charm and plenty to do.

Otherwise, I’d urge you to head south to Naples (Napoli) if you have chance. As far as historical destinations goes, it’s the place that rivals Rome.


Seconding Naples, down to Pompeii, then drive around the Amalfi Coast (harrowing) to Salerno. From there, train or car can take you to the underrated ruins of Paestum, which has amazingly preserved Greek temples and is off the beaten path.


Thank you!!!


Thank you !!