Jam Roly-Poly

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The description is right, but the picture is of a Swiss roll. Swiss roll is a light, sponge based cake made flat in the oven and then rolled up once it’s out of the oven. A jam roly poly is a heavier, suet based dessert of the steamed pudding variety. It has a much more substantial texture than a Swiss roll and came into being when people didn’t have ovens and boiled everything. Hence why it would be cooked in an old shirt sleeve. Usually though it was cooked in a specific ‘pudding cloth’ rolled and tied at both ends.


I beg to disagree; the picture is of a suet jam roly poly. This is a Swiss roll:

The picture is now indeed a jam roly poly, it wasn’t when I commented

My apologies.

No worries. I should have added a smily face or something, as you showed me they changed it :slight_smile: