Jardin Rosa Mir

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I don’t believe that this address is correct. I visited in June 2019 and meandered around the block and the vicinity, but could find no such garden or an entrance. The actual address listed is properly labeled on the street, so you can’t miss it. But the door is an entrance to a Doctor’s residence/practice and other apartments.

Thanks for the update, and I’m sorry that you weren’t able to locate the garden. I’ve doubled checked on Google maps and the garden website, and it appears that the address is correct, but I’ve updated the coordinates on the place page just to be sure that it’s as accurate as it can be. Thanks again for reaching out!

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Oh you’re absolutely right! I was on Blvd Croix-Rousse not Grand Rue! Oh well! Sure it’s beautiful.

You may delete this conversation if you wish Eric to ensure that other folks aren’t confused by my comment.

No problem at all! Thanks again for reaching out @mjrutkowski!

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