Jell-O Salad

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I’m not so sure about the bright green savoury jelly (I’m from the UK, we call jell-o jelly and and jelly is jam) creation on display here but aspic still has its uses I just don’t think people know what it’s called anymore.

I’ve used it in pork pies, which over here are made with hot water crust pastry with a dense meaty filling and a layer of savoury jelly between the pastry and crust. I use it in a chicken with chestnut and sausage meat layered pie after Christmas because I always make too much chestnut stuffing (quite by accident!).

I also use it instead of faffing on with clarified butter to seal pots of pate. You can pop in a few decorative items like a slice of orange or a few peppercorns and a bay leaf if your feeling fancy.

It’s literally just gelatin and clear chicken (or whatever) stock/broth.


Yeah You rarely see gelatine used in much outside of sweet dishes in the States. But in Europe its used in many dishes especially ones of aspic varieties. As examples The Danes have sky which is beef broth so it can be sliced and put on stuff, in Germany there’s Sülze which is headcheese in aspic and the Ukraine, Russian area has Kholodets meat in aspic naturally made from high gelatine cuts of meat being boiled.