Join the Atlas Obscura Book Club!



Very excited to embrace my slight obsession with Atlas Obscura and combine it with reading. Somehow I didnt realize there was a forum until this. How wonderful!


Awesome idea ! Love it ! , you can count me in


Excellent book , I love the Komodo dragon and Aye-Aye chapter

Not sure if this is from Adams “Last chance” or David Quammen’s “Song of the Dodo” which also had a chapter in Komodo (and who is also a shrewd observer of the absurd), but whichever it was I remember laughing hard at the sort of WTF moment when the guards fed the dragons and the tourists reactions


I’m glad to hear that you’re as excited about them as we are! The forums are only a few weeks old, so I’m glad you found your way here!


So cool! Don’t forget that you can also borrow the book from your local public library in print, as a ebook or even a downloadable audiobook!


I’m looking for some reading suggestions.

Specifically, I’m looking to read something focused on the Indian Ocean during the period of 855 B.C.E to 1855 C.E.

It can be fiction or nonfiction, contemporaneous. span that great ocean or focus on one culture or place or point within it, span that whole period or just the events of one day.



I’ve read the book before but Douglas Adams is one of my favourite authors.
Let’s light this candle.


Quite excited about this!


One of my favorite books! Also, I would recommend any of David Quammen’s nonfiction books.


im in…


I may pass on this one, but would love to see any of Bill Bryson’s travel books included.


I don’t see the ‘watching’ option either. Logged in through FB, through Chrome, no luck.


Glad it wasn’t just me. Help, somebody – anybody!


click on normal and you will see options - including “watching”


Unfortunately I didn’t find Normal. I tried whatever up/down arrows I found but nothing that said Normal. Where is it located? I scrolled through the thread looking for it. Thanks.


I’m in! Love Douglas Adams! Does anyone else remember the Hitchhikers game that was on the big floppy disc?


You have to make sure you are logged in first (top right of screen). Then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. Right below to the left of “REPLY” is the “NORMAL” button. Tap the normal button and it provides the watching button.


I am logged in. I scroll to the bottom of the page. I see the ‘reply’ button. There is no ‘normal’ button.


AHA!! I tried the ‘tracking’ button, then the ‘watching’ button appeared.


Where will these discussions be available? I am not on any social media and don’t want to have to join to keep up with the book choice and/or discussions. I am reading htis on "community.atlas obscura so hope it will e on your webpage. Will that be in the menu so I can re-find it easily?