Join the Atlas Obscura Book Club!



If you see ‘tracking’, try clicking on that.


I wouldn’t join a Book Club cos it reminds me of Lit Class. Ugh. But I will watch if there are recommendations I haven’t heard of.


I bought and read this book when it was first published. It is one I recommend to almost everyone I know at one time or another.

I am excited to read it again with the community.

The recommendation of the “Song of the Dodo” is appreciated.


Scrolling down now. Thanks for the info.


Thanks. That worked. I also switched browsers: no normal button visible but Tracking did the job. Whew!


David Quammen is an incredible writer , totally agree

I’ve read a fair amount of his books over the years but although a lot of his short stories are entertaining I personally prefer the longer single themed books.

“Song of the dodo” is a book i find myself returning to over and over again to understand the complexity of Island biogeography and as the first quammen book I read it has a special significance for me.

But the book that really sticks with me and had me hooked from start to finish was “spillover”, that book was one of the best non fiction reads Ive ever read , hands down.

I cant think of anybody writing popular science who has Quammens talent and Science and Conservation need more writers of his calibre.


Would love to join the book club but could not find the “watching” option.


Click the one pointed by the red arrow


Thanks. Finally found it and I’m in, at long last. Many thanks for everyone’s suggestions.


The discussions will take place right here in the Atlas Obscura Community Forums, and there will be a notification in this thread when they begin!


@nagnabodha You’re a hero. Thanks for posting that!


Is there a way to only get notified when you or someone else from Atlas Obscura posts? I mean, only when discussions start or a new book is announced? I’ve been getting emails for every single post and it’s a bit too much…


You can change the frequency of emails and notifications on your Preferences


Really looking forward to this! Grabbed last new paperback copy from Amazon just now I think, but used copies available through Amazon too.


I love DNA but haven’t read this one yet so I’m in! Bought the Kindle version.


I want to join. I cant figure out how to. Cant find watching button. Should not have made it so hard to join. HELP!!!


It’s below your own response at the bottom left.


Would love to join book club but can’t get to sign in. Help!


You need to create an account first, then verify your account with the email that will be sent to you, then return to Atlas Obscura, sign in, navigate to the bottom of this page and the “normal” button will be shown, which you want to click and switch to “watching,” or whatever your preference is.


The button says Normal. When you touch it, you’ll see the Watching option. (Had the same issue)