Join the Atlas Obscura Book Club!





Okay! I’m in - and got the book on my Kindle


Awesome! I love travelogues!


Just ordered from, looking forward to reading!


Just ordered my book from Amazon. Excited to join this club!


Nice idea! Thanks!


This is super helpful! Thanks for posting!


I cannot find this screen to change preferences


Thanks for creating this forum.


Check upper right corner where your avatar is and click the cog icon.

After you click the cog, you have to click the “Emails” tab


Still did t get anything that looked like a place that dealt with emails or my account like you showed in the post.


Found it but not sure how I did it


i dont get a normal button


Tried all hints but still nothing. I am checking daily and all, but we shall see.


An excellent companion book is WHERE THE ANIMALS GO with fabulous maps and concise info about new data gathering techniques on animal behavior and how that is used to help protect them. There are many different animals profiled around the globe.

Many book club member would also like The Wander Society, a sweet little nonfiction book about how to wander better and more creatively.


I’m in.


As @nagnabodha so helpfully made screenshots for, you can head to the bottom of the thread and find the button here:

I also would recommend that members adjust their email notifications accordingly, if the emails from this thread become too much. That can be done here:


THANK YOU! This is an amazing help.


Just purchased my book!! <3


I would like to join too - I’m a bookaholic