Join the Atlas Obscura Book Club!



My friends keep trying to get me to join their book clubs and it just doesn’t tickle my fancy. This, though, excites me! I’ve purchased the Kindle book and started reading!

@EricGrundhauser Has anyone considered making a GoodReads group for this club as well?


We’d like to keep the discussion here in our forums, so I don’t think we’re going to be using Goodreads, but I’m glad you’re joining us!


Sounds interesting. I’d like to follow along.


The Truth About Animals sounds like a great book. I am looking forward to hearing about the book club books as well as other suggestions.



I am going to try to join using Google as I cannot see to do the recaptcha option. I will hope to participate from time to time though I am not sure how to switch the threat from normal to watch.

A tiny bit about me. I was chosen Library Journal Audiobook Reviewer for 2018. I have reviewed some 90 books for them since 2006. I also hold an MLIS and am one of the few blind people that I know of who does.
I plan to indie-publish a book Selections from Across Two Novembers: A Bibliographic Year soon. I am in talks with a narrator for the audio version. I, too, as one person does in the thread enjoy Bill Bryson’s books. Simon Winchester and Michael Lewis are not slouchy either. Susan Orlean’s The Library Book is interesting and well worth a read. Thank you. Hope to see you all again. PS Scopists edit legal documents.


Hi Scopist65,
Am so glad you are an audiobook lover and reviewer. While I still have some sight my corneas are being overrun with ? and cannot see clearly enough to enjoy reading.
I am also having problems trying to join this bookclub.
My best to you and look forward to your posts.


Mrswattai: Don’t skip this one… you will laugh, cry, and everything in between. This is a gem - don’t be put off by the Hitchhiker’s books…


I am in! Looking forward to reading along and sharing with you.
I’m only familiar with Adams from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.


I’m in and happily I was able to get eversiin from the library!


I already have a suggestion for a future read: “Between the Woods and the Water,” a magnificent travelogue through pre-WWII Hungary and Transylvania . Here are some reader reviews. @EricGrundhauser


I’m excited to be taking part in this new adventure. Looking forward to both the readings and discussions.


Avid reader, currently re-reading as many classics as I can, (Orwell’s Burmese days, HG Wells Kipps etc.) but will try to keep up with this book club.


I have been unable to switch to “watch” either. Where is it? :slight_smile:


Thanks for recommending the David Quammen book. You might want to look into a book that thoroughly captivated me, “Where the Wild Things Were: Life, Death, and Ecological Wreckage in a Land of Vanishing Predators” by William Stolzenburg.


No problem suzyshry , glad to talk with people passionate about ecology

The book you mention is brilliant and I found it captivating too although I read it many years ago so I dont remember so much of it. What I do remember perhaps most of all was the chapter that was about Elton and his ecological discoveries in the Arctic circle.


Dang gosh it, not on Audible. Anyone know if an audio version was ever produced, living in the back waters of some online audiobook distributor’s PHP server?


I"m in!


Oh! I’ve actually read a bit of that! It’s quite beautiful. We’ll be doing a call for suggestions for the next book in a few weeks!


I just ordered my book! Looking forward to the discussions


I love world cat! I learned about it working at a public library at the reference desk. Wonderful resource to share with others trying to locate books in nearby libraries!