Join the Atlas Obscura Book Club!



Absolutely love this idea - as a writer I am also an avid reader and I actually happen to have a copy of this one on hand. I look forward to joining you all in this literary obscura journey.


Oh Amy/Guy, why would you get rid of this??


Just reserved a copy from the library.


How do we join?


You can just simply join our first discussion on February 20th to be a part of the group! Check out the top of the thread for more tips on following the discussion!


There are some Audio CD and tape versions out there.


Requested a copy from my library. I remember reading an excerpt or two in the past, about the Ganges River dolphin.


Proof of life! I was able to track an MP3 down and 'tis now in Overcast. Thanks @nagnabodha! See you on the 20th.


Just wondering if you are using some vision or are using JAWS or ZoomText (or any assistive technology) to read this forum. So far it seems like the format of this Community will work for those who must use assistive technology. Glad to have you with us!


do you have a specific name for it on overcast? I can’t find it.


@unitof can you help?


Where is the ‘watching’?


See this post for help:


My copy is ordered! It should be here in a few days! Question…will we be commenting/discussing directly on THIS post? Or will there be another post once it starts? It’s a lot to sort through. :slight_smile:


Awesome! There will be a separate post, it will just be announced in here. Still working out the exact kinks.


Hey, sorry. Should have been more clear: I uploaded it to my personal Overcast account.

But here’s a fun deep dive for y’all: apparently in 1992 there was an interactive 2-disc CD-ROM adaptation of the book, which included Douglas Adams reading the book.

Even cooler: the Internet Archive has those CDs archived.

I wrote a quick script to pull out all the audio files and merge them together then converted to MP3. Eventually I’d like to use Marco’s Forecast app to add proper chapter markers but for now, feel free to grab it as-is for your own audiobook club pleasure.

I’m told Douglas may not have read the entire book for this project but I have no idea what was cut or abridged if so. Guess we’ll find out in this Club.

If I do end up adding chapters I’ll update my Dropbox file so it lives at the same link and you can just redownload.


This is awesome! Thank you for finding this!


Lucky enough to work for some folks who counted Douglas Adams among their friends. Look what I found in their library.


You’ve discovered a treasure there tralfamadore !


I have gone to the preferences page several times this afternoon but cannot get any of the boxes to register my preference. Any tips on how to do this correctly, or is it just having a glitch today?