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Imagine how exciting it is to see one of your AO posts make it into your daily news feed, what a pleasant surprise after spending a couple of hours going to a place, capturing the scene and then once you get back home to carefully select a few pics to give the right feel. Another 15-30 minutes writing a post about what makes the place interesting and providing sources. I mean it’s not like a major quest or anything but then imagine the let down when the link from your news feed just shows some almost monochrome picture that was snagged off Wikipedia as the featured picture. :frowning:


I get that we’re out here doing this for our own kicks too, no one’s expecting a reward and sure the editors are going to clean up some phrases and tighten up a post so it fits their target reader viewing time. Maybe if this happened just once or if the picture was something spectacularly better than anything you had submitted it’d be easily understood.

The first time I had to post something like this was about my Kardung La post where they just added some random pic from Wikipedia’s article about Kardung La and the picture wasn’t even from that place. I don’t like leaving a negative message like this but we, the original creator, are not allowed to change other people’s pictures so there wasn’t much alternative that time but to post to the community page. I’d understand if some other random user added a picture but just adding something from another site because you want there to be five instead of four pictures or what ever… heck ask ME if I have more pictures! Prominently note that you want five pictures if that’s the overall concept. After being let down like that I really didn’t want to spend my time giving away my work to see random things just added to it with no sense of it being needed, but I really like this site and like giving other people these zany sort of tips because life is an adventure. Thankfully the picture was taken off after a couple of days due to my post to the community.

I have another pending post because I was informed they want a current picture aside from the historic ones I included. But the only way to get a decent one of that place is from the air. I lost a drone trying to get one. There may be a lot of purely casual easy posted things but overall if something is “obscure” it might mean that your content creators are making some efforts. Please don’t discount us as just free resources. I’ll probably never get a decent picture of that reservoir with permission to post it. Anyone want to hook me up with a Cessna pilot for an hour?

So all in all I’m over it, I have a few other things I plan to add and I respect the good work the editors are doing but I thought it important to point this out as I’m probably not the only contributor who’s felt slighted in some way like this. I know there’s a ton of things going on with this site, maybe just keep us in mind when you’re running through your checklists.

Happy Adventuring,

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Hey @KenJ thanks for the post and sorry for any inconveniences, our truest apologies. I’ve changed the lead image and feel to drop us a note either in the entry or through the places email as to your photo arrangement prefrences.

Often, if images are taken in a vertical format or too wide-angled they are difficult to fully capture in the thumbnail, so we may pull a commons image to use that can be easily formatted. We never want any of our community members to feel the need to go outside their way to capture additional photos they don’t already have in their cache. And our apologies if that came across in that manner. It’s never our intentions to inconvenience any community member or their time. We note in corresponding emails that commons licensed images are totally fine and they can often be located on Wikipedia or other fair use image sites as a way to prevent anyone from doing extra work as we value all contributors.

We also love historical photos but like to have a few current or recent images as well, as they help better inform travelers what to look for. We are in the process of revamping a lot of our emails, FAQs for entries in the coming months. Again, sorry for the issues and feel free to drop us a line anytime. Thanks for all you do!

Sure thing. What is the preferred picture dimension, I shoot tons of pictures and it’s easy to crop. I would think others would benefit as well. I am a bit focused on landscapes and whatnot as they can really convey an expansive area but it’s nothing for someone to snap a few dozen pics these days. I usually walk away with as many as I can tolerate.