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Lovely, and just this, speaking as a person of Finnish descent. The term “Lapland” is out of favor. It refers to garments made of patches and rags, and is considered really old-school, similar to North Africans being called “pied noir” (DEFINITELY not cool!). These terms are similar in that they represent the marginalization of an indigenous group by white (whiter) Northern Europeans. The Three Crowns-- Sweden, Norway and Denmark-- for centuries marginalized the Finns as outsiders, savages, bumpkins, non-Nordic, maintained that the Sami culture in particular was Mongolian / Asiatic, and that the languages spoken in Finland were not Indo European in origin. I’ll keep this brief, but suffice to say that the Finns were not barbarians dressed in rags, although rustic compared with, say, Copenhagen. Anyway, look into this! Thanks.


Hey @victoria1, thank you for alerting us to this. We’re going to look into our usage of the term at this time. I very much appreciate you flagging this and helping us be more accurate and sensitive in our coverage.

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