Keiko Memorial cairn

The article about Keiko, the orca from the Free Willy films: Keiko did not “escape” his sea pen in Iceland. His rehab continued there; he was free to come & go; he did hunt for himself & swam with a native pod, and it’s thought he did mate & a female offspring resulted.
However, having been in the company of humans for so many years, Keiko just naturally migrated towards people. So, he left the waters of Iceland and wound up in Norway where he delighted observers! He did pass in December, 2003, from pneumonia, by all accounts.
He lived freely for more than 5 years! His rehab & return to the wild was a SUCCESS! It is thought that a lung disorder he contracted while in the too-warm waters in Mexico, weakened his lung capacity. And that contributed to the pneumonia.
Keiko’s Journey is chronicled in a film by Theresa Demarest- Keiko, The Untold Story. Please check it out.