Kennedy Space Center


I just had the awesome privilege of getting to be a part of Nasa Social, a program run by NASA that invites volunteers to attend launches and other important NASA events, where they get to visit all kinds of amazing parts of the system that tourists don’t get to see, in return, informally, for sharing the information and enthusiasm for NASA on social media. I was there for a 3 day program leading up to the recent SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo-1 launch.

I looked in the Atlas for Kennedy Space Center entries, but only saw one for the Vehicle Assembly Building, and other for some distant abandoned sites that aren’t officially at KSC, but are on the adjacent Air Force Station and elsewhere around the country.

Among the many rare sites we got to visit was the historic Pad 39-A, with the SpaceX rocket on it (!) — this is where Apollo missions (including Apollo 11) and Space Shuttles entered space. Then, incredibly, we got to visit the other historic pad 39-B, where no rocket was currently stationed… so we got to climb up onto and all around the launch pad. Pretty mind blowing.

Anyway, can share photos and info, if this is of interest here or for the Atlas itself.


Wow, I spend a lot of time in the winter near there. How does one get invited or allowed to participate?


Pretty cool!