Ketchup Chips



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They are so yummy! The Old Dutch ones are better than the Lay’s. Wish I could get these in California for a decent price.


Oh, man. If we’re getting into chip flavors, I’m obsessed with the variety of chip flavors that I find in various countries. “Prosciutto” in Chechia. China had some of the best: “Italian Red Meat”, “Cucumber”, and “Numb & Spicy Hot Pot”. I’ve seen “Hamburger” and “Cheeseburger” everywhere from Germany to Peru. And of course, in Asian countries, you’ll always find “Shrimp”.


We get ketchup flavour crisps in the UK, too; haven’t seen Lays although that brand isn’t big over here, but ketchup’s not an uncommon flavour here. I love 'em :slight_smile: We also get others that kind of go in the same bracket for me, e.g. Worcester sauce flavour, Marmite flavour…


Widely available in the UK Walkers Tomato Ketchup Crisps | Walkers UK


Old Dutch Ketchup chips are awesome. Great with a beer.
Also the Old Dutch Salt and Vinegar chips… hard to find.


Going back to sporting events of my youth, snack counters sold hot dogs, french fries and potato chips. Since we Canadian love vinegar on our french fries, the nearby vinegar and salt dispensers also added extra flavour to the (at that time) plain potato chips. I always found the vinegar made the chips soggy. Perhaps an empty vinegar bottle forced some desperate snacker to use ketchup instead?



Also would try Numb and Spicy Hot Pot but very much less enthusiastic about this.


The crisp flavor game is so much stronger in the UK and Canada. I myself am a fan of Prawn Cocktail.


Love them! Always have!


I have to confess, my vegetarian-self did not try it, much to the chagrin of my meat eating friends.


That’s ok. I’ll eat double for you. :wink:


Not all flavored chips are a good idea…


I’ve traveled all over the world and by far my favorite chip has been Zapp’s voodoo chips. I’m obsessed and have to limit my purchases or I’ll Hoover the entire stash.


Was about to say something similar - very common in the United Kingdom.


Yeah… looks unappealing…


Don’t forget about All-Dressed Chips! Ruffles is the best (and in my opinion, should only be consumed with this brand)