Kew Gardens Underground Aquarium

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I may be mistaken, but when I visited Kew gardens last summer, the aquarium in the Palm House was listed as permanently closed, with the collection having moved to the nearby Princess of Wales Conservatory. (see these posts from Kew Gardens: Kew Gardens on Twitter: "Hi, the display is closed so that we can enhance the aquatic displays in the Princess of Wales Conservatory (1/2)… " and Kew Gardens on Twitter: "These displays will focus on helping visitors learn about the relationship between aquatic plants & fish (2/2)… ").

Unless of course it has come back - in which case I will stand happily corrected as I can visit it again!

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Hey @AmunyAnkhesenra! Thanks for the update, and you are absolutely correct, the aquarium was closed. I’ve marked the place as closed and added an update to the text. Thanks again for the catch and for helping us improve the Atlas!


Hello Amuny Ankhesenra ,

Oh right , that is quite a suprise , I haven’t visited Kew for quite a while , in a couple of years actually but I do remember the aquarium being one of the highlights of my last visit.

That is such a shame that they have permanently closed the aquarium , it was a lovely addition to Kew gardens and they had a really cool collection of fish and other creatures.

Nevermind, I guess there is still the Horniman museum aquarium nearby which is an exceptional little place, and I can totally understand Kew having a preference for focusing on plant conservation.

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Hi @EricGrundhauser and @Monsieur_Mictlan,

It’s a real shame it closed - it was quite a contrast to the humid Palm House above it and I don’t feel the new aquarium in the Princess of Wales Conservatory has quite the same level of “wow”.

The Horniman Museum aquarium is still going strong though (I’m a big fan of the little milk frogs there!), as is the massive one at ZSL London Zoo.

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Totally agree Amuny Ankhesenra ,

I will definitely miss the aquarium.

By the way , do you know if they still have the poison dart frog terrariums in the Princess of Wales conservatory ?

I remember seeing a species of dart frog there that I had never seen before and havent seen since. I really thought those displays were excellent and it would really be sad if they had stopped keeping those species too.

Yes, I believe they did have a dart frog tank in the Conservatory. I was looking to see if I had any pictures of it but I seem to have been more interested in the pitcher plants and the titan arum when I was there!