Kingdom of Torgu

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Would love to visit, how hard is it to get here though? Are there public transportation options? Would you need to set aside a whole day?

You need to arrange a trip to the island of Saaremaa first. The municipal center of the island is Kuressaare. There are some bus lines going this way (with the bus a short ferry ride is already included in the ticket price). From Kuressaare there are couple of bus connections going to Sõrve peninsula where the kingdom areas are. You can check the local bus lines at . Better arrange your visit when there is some public event going on. That would give a more “royal” feel to the whole area. Taking it all together - trip to Saaremaa island first and another trip to the kingdom areas - a short daytrip is not an option. You would need to plan more time. Besides Saaremaa has more interesting things to offer anyway. The whole island is very popular destination in summer period.

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Thank you for the amazing assist, @ahvenas!