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My brother lived within blocks of a kolache shop in Houston for a few years. It became a part of his morning routine to grab a couple on his way to work. He gained almost 100 pounds during this period. (Seriously.)

Having tried them on a few visits, I cannot blame him. Even at chains like Kolache Factory, I have never found a bad one.

Trust me: you want these in your mouth. Just maybe as a treat and not your daily intake.

I always thought everyone was just lazy; making those open faced kolaches seemed too easy. I finally realized the closed kolach my Mom and Starenka made were a Moravian regional variation, and we were the odd ones. It’s very rare to see a closed one - apricot, prune or farmer cheese enclosed in a puffy shell of dough topped with posipka, a mixture of sugar, flour and butter, much like streusel. But to me, that’s what makes a real kolach!