Kopi Luwak

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Came across this story on Kopi Luwak when I was looking for the obscure food and beverages that have tickled my palate or my imagination. I’ve known about this coffee for a while and wondered how anyone could be sure that they were getting wild sourced palm civet excretions. Confirms my suspicions! Thank you. Sham poo.

An old joke in the ‘60s was about a rustic old farmer selling tomatoes by the roadside. A city slicker stopped by and noticed the old plank bench had chalked prices on it for the arranged cherry toms and the beefsteaks, plus a faded 10 cents marked where there was a tiny pile of rounded brown pellets. The slicker wanted to know what they were. “Smart pills,” came the answer. The slicker took two and popped them in his mouth straight away. “Ptooi!” He spat them out. “They taste like rabbit poop!” Farmer tipped his hat and said, "Yer gettin’ smarter already."

The moral is, fermented rodent poop may have medicinal benefits. Or perhaps just strengthen the local economy.


@thanrose Have you ever tried it? I’m not a pro for sure but fine Fruity Sweetness shade makes the sense! If you don’t like this aroma, try it with syrups. Here is a decent list of them

I wish to try it once, only the origins kind of stop me :sweat_smile: