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Recently made on Foodwishes! Food Wishes Video Recipes: Kouign-Amann – Yas Queen!


Can someone tell me where I can find the Cinnamon Tahini Kouign Amann (in the United States?)

I want the recipes for these delicious things you post, not just where to get them.

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A French company has created a Kouign Amann scented shower gel!

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In San Francisco: “b Patisserie” on California near Divisadero streets make a BEAUTIFUL kouign-amann either plain, w/chocolate ganache or fruit (? Passion fruit—can’t remember). I always buy 2 boxes when visiting and share with friends.

02/05/21 - From Rocket Baby in Wauwatosa. It was drier than I had expected but still enjoyable. This is more widely available than even the locations in the article suggest. I know of at least 3 Seattle bakeries that offer it; look it up in your area!

I’m pretty sure Starter Bakery (formerly in Oakland, now in Berkeley) was one of the first places to start popularizing this delight in the US. I first ran into one at Coffee Bar in SF in maybe 2010? 2011? (And they were sourcing from Starter.)

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I made these in a cooking class in Salt Lake City. Very time-consuming and definitely a labor of love. But they are oh so delicious!