Kubu Island

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Please explain the sentence “There is no water or firewood and only very basic long drop ablutions”
I understand ablutions but what is a |long drop ablution" and what has it to do with the rest of the sentence?

I agree. What a strange sentence. The word ablutions has to do with Muslim rituals. I can not understand why this archaic word would be used in this sentence. Glad we shared in this mystery.

Although it is most often used in a religious context (many religions engage in ceremonial washing), “ablutions” as it is used here, can also be used to refer to any bathing or toilet area, while a “long drop” is a type of simple latrine. So, in other words, there’s just a hole in the ground as a bathroom.

Thanks for the explanation. I had never seen that construction before

A pit toilet by any other name still stinketh.

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