LA-88 Nike Missile Base

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03/11/21 - On your drive in, you will encounter several signs indicating you are on private property, a bridge is only intended for local residents, etc. Pay no heed as these signs are illegally posted; the missile silo is in what is now a public park.

Googlemaps suggests you can drive right up to it, but there is actually a gate blocking vehicular access 3/4 mile from the silo. After walking up the road about 1/4 mile the most direct route is a beaten footpath directly the short and steep hill. Mind your footing as much of it is loose “kitty litter.” (For what it is worth this path does not save much walking distance, and you may prefer sticking to the less steep and more stable road. Atop the foot path is where I found a wide gap in the chain-link fence, but there are likely others.)