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So with Labskaus there are two main different types. The type mentioned in this article and what is known as White Labskaus ( or skipperlabskovs in Denmark).
The purple beet varaiety is
1 can corned beef (200-300g)
750 g potatoes
3 pickles
2 smaller onions
pickled red beets
salt, pepper to taste
1 dash ground all spice
butter for frying
some pickle liquid
4 eggs
4 herring filets
Peel and cut in halve potatoes and boil in salt water.
while the potatoes are boiling chop pealed onions fine, and sweat in butter until they are transparent.
Add the corned beef to onions and cook covered for about 3 min.
Cut pickles in small cubes then add to beef mixture with some pickle liquid. season to taste.
Add chopped red pickled beets to beef.
Let simmer for roughly another 10 min.
When the potatoes are ready mash them roughly (not fine like you do for mashed potatoes). Combine with the beef mix. If the mix is too firm add some more pickle liquid.
Place on plates and serve with fried eggs on top, and herring next to it with some more slices of pickled beets.

The White Labskaus is
750 g stew beef
3 onions
1 1/2 kg of potatoes
100 g butter
Ca. 1 l light beef broth
3-4 bay leaves
10-12 black peppercorns
chopped chives
slices of cold butter
Finely dice the beef about 3cm (1 in) cubes.
Then blanch the beef. Put meat in cold water bring to boil skim of skum then drain and rinse meat.
while the blanching the meat chop pealed onions fine, and sweat in butter until they are transparent.
Add the blanched meat, as well as bay leaves and peppercorns, and add boiling broth until just covered. Simmer for about 1 hour.
While meat is simmering clean and dice the potatoes. After the meat has simmered for 1 hour add potatoes. cook another 30 minutes until potatoes start to fall apart by string . If needed ad more water to keep moist.
The potatoes should roughly keep their shape but also thicken the mixture by what fall off them while stirring.
Take out bay leaves and peppercorns
If needed season with salt and pepper
Serve hot with cold butter slice, chives, beetroot and rugbrød.

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