Labyrinth of Buda Castle

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Atlas Obscura is a very good site. However, it is not clear why this article, or more precisely its title/ name, has been corrected so far. The "Budavári Labirintus” is a trademark, and “Labyrinth of Buda Castle” is copyrighted. In Hungary, there is a great scandal due to the police attack, which was aimed at receiving cultural investments from a political secretary of state. Several final court judgments banned the operator from trademark and copyright infringement. It is regrettable that the real data is slow on European and American travel portals. It would be good if this site didn’t use Labyrinth of Buda Castle (see TripAdvisor “ABOUT US” correction etc.)

It is incomprehensible why an exhibition is being advertised with the name of the previous exhibition. In addition, the images are mixed.

Thanks for reaching out. I’ve looked into the name change, and adjusted the place page. An update was also added to the listing. Thanks again for helping us make the Atlas Obscura database more accurate.