Lavirotte building, Paris

If you’re a fan of the architecture of the Belle Époque (1871 - 1914), a walking tour of Paris’ 7 eme, 8 eme, and 16 eme arrondisments is a “must see”. (These municipal districts are adjoining. The 7 eme is south of the Seine. The 8 eme and 16 eme north.)

Lavirotte’s Art Nouveau creations incorporate sculpture and glazed ceramic tiles. A frequent collaborator was ceramicist Alendre Bigot. At least three Laviorette buildings earned recognition for their facades. (Concours de facades de la ville de Paris; 1901, 1905, 1907).

Recommend (in the 7 eme) Laviorette bldg (29 Ave Rapp), 151 Rue Grenelle, and 12 Rue Sedillot. (8 eme): Ceramic Hotel (34 Ave de Wagram), 6 Rue de Messine, and 23 Ave de Messine. (16 eme): Castel Beranger.


Correction: Alexandre Bigot

Great Spring-time walking tour. Several of the bldgs are in proximity to a Metro station. Most are private’s offices or residences. Although some feature public lobbies.