Lazaretto Quarantine Station

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The Lazaretto has been painstakingly restored and is about to reopen summer 2019. Check out their Facebook page for updates. There have been a few delays with the reopening, but I’ll post some pics once it’s open again since I live right here in town.

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That’s awesome! Thank you for the update!

Eric, not sure if you’re the right person to contact, but I’m taking an interesting road trip this coming week from Denver, through the panhandle of Nebraska, Western South Dakota, then through Montana and Wyoming. I may be hitting a few Atlas Obscura map points along the way, but I’ll keep my eye out for anything new and unusual. Not really sure how to post new locations on here. - Pete Burke

Hey Pete! Thanks for thinking of us in your upcoming travels. Any signed in user can submit a new Place entry to Atlas Obscura via the link below:

If you encounter any terrific places during your travels, please do add them! Thanks again, and we look forward to your discoveries!