Le Chat Noir Collection


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What a wonderful article, thank you! I have very fond memories of Musee de Montmartre from a trip to Paris in 2014. The following day, not far from there, I stumbled upon a little antiques store in Montmartre on the Rue Montcalm, and found a beautiful little bronze cat sculpture. I fell in love with it - and then learned it was also created by Theophile Steinlen! The museum and that little cat inspired my latest children’s book, a picture book biography of Steinlen titled “The Artist Who Loved Cats: The Inspiring Tale of Theophile-Alexandre Steinlen.” I’d love to send you a review copy if you are interested - the book will be released on June 6th. I am so grateful to Monsieur Steinlen for all of his ins-purr-ation! xoxo Susan