Lechon - National Dish of Philippines

If you ever travel to Philippines make sure to try the Lechon as it is called national dish of philippines.

I lived in the Philippines for almost three years. I would argue that adobo is the national dish, but I can make that at home no problem, the lechon, OMG, the best pork I’ve ever had, and I cannot do that myself. I miss it very much. There was a house in a neighborhood on my way to and from work every day that twice a week would be roasting a pig and selling it, a favorite stop for me. There was also lechon manok (rotisserie chicken) at another place (a sari-sari store) that they inject with a garlic/vinegar marinade before roasting. My mouth is watering. There’s so much good (and weird) food there. What I miss the most though, believe it or not, is dinuguan, a pork blood stew. Parents tell their children it’s “chocolate meat” so they’ll eat it not knowing what it really is. It’s delicious! Disclaimer: I grew up German with blood sausages for breakfast and loved that as a kid as well. I seek out black pudding, morcilla, etc. Maybe I’m part vampire…

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In 1978 I while I was working for Saudi Arabian airlines I traveled to Manila to recruit tradesmen for our Facilities Maintenance Department. On of the things I ate was called a balut. It was strange but not as bad as it sounded.It was a boiled egg with the chicken embryo inside.

J. G. Knott Author of Beyond the Gates of Ani

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Adobo is also one of my favourite dish but not as much as Lechon

I have not tried lechon or adobo yet but have liked lumpia. It’s pretty popular among my friends, too.

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You can read about Lechon for more understanding.