Lemon Stick

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So I’ve made these here in sunny Florida. I must say, they are DELICIOUS. They taste best if the lemon is super cold, but not frozen. The cool taste of the peppermint and bright flavor of the lemon pair beautifully and are completely refreshing during the hot summer months.


Thank you for the tips! These sound delicious.

One of my favorite Baltimore memories is the Flower Mart the week before Mother’s Day and lemon sticks.
Flower Mart was later moved to Preakness week activities, but it was originally an occasion to buy plants and gifts for mom.

I grew up in Baltimore county and had these at my school’s Spring Fling, the name for our spring festival and still adore them! Had no clue they’re a hundred year old Baltimore tradition, but that flavor lasts and is worth making at home if you can’t find it out and about!

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