Les Quilles en L'Air (Inverted boat houses)


Here is an entry I submitted and I hope will make it in Atlas Obscura, as it is quite rare to see such houses.


Do you feel it has its place on AtlasObscura?
Any more info you would like to read on the page?

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards,
Enzo Rhode-Hagen


Hi Enzo,

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry about the confusion surrounding the place entry you submitted. I took a look and it appears that much of the main place description text has been pulled from an outside source. We can only include original text in our published place pages. If you’d like to review the text and revise it with an updated description that’s in your own words, it would help to speed along the publishing process.

Thanks again for submitting the amazing place! If you have any other questions about it or would like to speak about your submission more in depth, feel free to contact the Places team directly at places@atlasobscura.com.


Thanks a lot for your advice.
I just updated the text with my version of the description.
I will not chase the people at the address you gave me. User generated contents website are usefull and interesting if the sites ‘owners’ actually keep people updated. A content generator should not waste time on trying to gain feedback. We do it for free, it should not become a burden to get documented feedback. At least to know if the entry is of interest or not.
Thanks again,
Best Regards.


I’ve seen this has now been published on the site, and I just want to thank the person(s) who worked on the writing/editing. They did an amazing job in converting my crappy text in an interesting and attractive read.
Thanks and Bravo!