Levy Mansion (La Rambla)

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Although La Rambla in Lares, Puerto Rico (my hometown is Lares) is a wonderful and incredible design by architect-engineer Levy, the water plant never supplied water to all of Puerto Rico as the article reads. This is a “boricuazo”, as we call exaggerated claims in the island. It was the first facility in PR to bottle water for marketing, but its production was relatively small and intermitent. Its source of water ("Pozo Santa Rosa, a spring) was intermittent, essentially drying out during the summer season. The concept of a hotel in an isolated town in the mountains in PR was never successful, and contributed to the failure of the project. Mr. Levy was a genius in many ways, and his art and designs are reflected at La Rambla.


The wonders of our tiny Island never ceases to amaze me. My people were from Quebradilla and San Sebastian . Enjoyed your response and the Boricuazo tambien. Hope to visit sometime soon , thanks for the information.


Reuse for camping, TV & movie shooting, photo shoots, very etheral for Halloween shooting, clear out jungle etc & use for B&B Inn? Museum?
Or OK sans swimuit club IF near ocean, lake, river

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I really tried to find more info about La Rambla but those articles were the best thing I could find. Is a shame that so many wonders in our island lack information online. Feel free to edit the article and add information sources. I visited it recently and thought it would be a nice addition to the atlas.

Thanks for the update! I’ve become a big fan of PR over the past few years… It’s my gf’s favorite place to visit and I can understand why!

I was thinking may be give this place to the People of PR!?! Build upon it for Housing or Schools!?! It’s so disgusting how The United States has all but forgotten Puerto Rico. I have NOT & will continue to Pray for this Beautiful island!

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