Lichtenstein Castle

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Just an FYI for anyone planning to visit this castle - the picture on the left is not Lichtenstein Castle. It’s Vaduz Castle in the country of Liechtenstein. The one on the right is in fact Lichtenstein Castle in Germany, and it’s gorgeous!

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Yes, if the site editors could remove the “photo from afar,” that would be helpful, because it ain’t.

I was pleased by my visit. I took my cousins to see Lichtenstein last November when they visited, and though obviously it was less imposing than Neuschwanstein, I really enjoyed how laid back the whole experience was - even more so than Burg Eltz. No busloads of tourists, no long lines, just a nice castle experience.

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Thanks for the tips, and apologies for the confusion. We’ve removed the misleading image from the page, and we should be good to go. Thanks again for reaching out!