Liederkranz Cheese

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Chalet Cheese Co-op in Monroe , WI produces more than anybody else in the U.S. Wisconsinites, however, call it Limburger.


Hurrah! I used to love Liederkranz and was sorry when it disappeared from the Market. I figured that it was an “old fashioned” product with a dwindling number of folks who appreciated it and had therefore become unprofitable. Someone else remembered it and brought it back? I can’t wait to try it. Again. Where in California can it be found?

Also, Limburger ground zero is Baumgartners Cheese Store and Tavern where you can get the classic Limburger Cheese sandwich served on dark rye with a thick slice of onion.

Then its not Liederkranz. My father used to eat both


There are subtle differences but they are essentially the same.

Wow! Mom used to buy Liederkranz when I was a kid…more than a half century ago. I loved that stinky feet cheese! Limburger is similar, but NOT the same. Now I want some Liederkranz NOW! Would a trip from PA to WI for some cheese be unreasonable? :slight_smile:

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A trip down memory lane might be cheaper! I just remembered it too, right down to the label/packaging. My parents ate it on VERY dark pumpernickel.

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My Dad loved Liederkranz and Limburger cheeses. As a kid I would never try them because they smelled so badly. I finally tried Liederkranz and I loved it. It has been so long now, hopefully those shops you mentioned will ship and I can experience once again.

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Liederkranz is not Limburger, it’s the American cousin. Limburger can be purchased at some Whole Foods locations, but it is expensive. Interestingly, the bacteria culture used for limburger is actually the same bacteria that causes stinky feet. At least WIKI says so!
A friend once brought me some Limburger and some Bierkase (beer cheese,another similarly ‘stinky cheese’) from Wisconsin–. She got some funny looks on the plane.

I worked at the Center for Dairy Research and help set up some of the early trials redeveloping Liederkranz Cheese forbthe Chalet cheese company. Chalet is the only American company that makes Limburger and the owner was very concerned about making Liederkranz as a distinct authentic product.

By the way, that was the best. Job. Ever. I only left because I commuted 80 miles to work one way and couldn’t swing it when we decided to have kids.