Lithuanian Acorn Coffee

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People saw wild boars eating acorns and just decided to make an acorn beverage? What nonsense. Before making acorns into a 'coffee" Lithuanians were doubtless making acorns into flour because they had little else to eat during desperate time. Food shortages led people to make foods out of dandelions, roots of all kinds and even rotten fruit. For example the France’s famous and expensive Chateau d’Yquem is made from grapes affected by the euphemistically name 'noble rot." Noble indeed! If such grapes were served on a plate you’d gag. They’re absolutely rotten. why were they made into wine? Not by choice but out of desperation–the alternative was no harvest at all. Same with Germany’s icewine, made from grapes frozen hard as musketballs. Not what was wanted for wine, but what was the alternative? In these cases, in many others, and in the case of acorn coffee, “necessity was the mother of invention.”